About - ShadowDragon

ShadowDragon is a cybersecurity solutions developer that simplifies complex multi-technology, multi-environment digital investigations with easy-to-use tools. Our goal is to fortify capabilities of investigation teams with applications that speed the safe collection, correlation and verification of diverse artifacts in the open, deep and dark web.

Who We Are

ShadowDragon tools were originally developed by our sister company, Packet Ninjas. They were refined in support of our own investigative process while working on cases in France, the Middle East, Singapore, Germany and Japan that involved:

  • Corporate espionage
  • Cyber intrusions
  • Advanced attribution
  • Real-time situational awareness and more.

In 2015, to meet the demand for licensing our tools, we established ShadowDragon. While we sell to government and businesses around the world, ShadowDragon is located in the United States.


To make the world a safer place by developing easy-to-use digital investigation tools that address the complexities of modern online investigations and augment the capabilities of in-house teams.


We support the investigative processes of businesses, law enforcement, governments and military by developing and selling tools that map, correlate, monitor and document the case-specific digital activities of targets on the open and dark web.

Our Name & Brand

ShadowDragon is named after a dragonfly and embodies the characteristics of this fierce insect. Dragonflies live to track and snare. They are stealthy warriors that possess excellent 360-degree vision with thousands of keen eyes. Dragonflies can hover, dive, fly backward, upside down and pivot in a split second to catch their prey. With these assets, it is not surprising they boast a 95% success rate in hunting – more than lions or sharks.

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