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Discover & Monitor Open Source Intelligence Data Effectively

Explore and visualize connections in social media, OSINT and the deep and dark web. Our digital investigation tools simplify complex fact finding, real-time drill down and correlation of case-specific digital artifacts, enabling you to quickly make connections to move investigations forward. We can integrate into your platform, provide a bundled solution, or provide training.

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Tailored Monitoring & Alerting

OSINT Collection, Monitoring, & Analytical Investigation Tools

Solving the Challenges of Modern Investigations | Enabling Focus For The Analyst

Every modern investigation requires collecting, correlating and verifying multiple types of information, across multiple online environments. Our tools simplify this process by allowing repetitive queries and drill down on typical types of data found to speed conclusions and decisions.

/ MalNet

Malware Artifacts

Query, Correlate & Visualize Proofpoint ET

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/ SocialNet

Map OSINT Connections

Search & Pivot OSINT, SOCMINT/Social Media, PAI/Publically Available Information. 97+ Platforms, 1500+ Pivot Points. Est. 2009.

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/ OIMonitor

Real-Time Situational Awareness

Tailored Monitoring & Alerting on Executives, Breaches, Social Media, DarkWeb.

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/ Spotter

IP Addresses & Identities

Stealthily Engage Directly with Target

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Tools to Amplify In-House Capabilities

Our threat detection tools are designed to augment your team’s capability to collect and analyze data quickly. We help you to be independent with just the tools and training – no ongoing services or reports.

Born and Based in the USA

ShadowDragon tools were born, tested and refined by our sister company Packet Ninjas, a U.S.-based cyber security consulting firm.

Proven in Global Investigations

Our digital investigation tools were developed to expedite complex investigations. They are mature, reliable and designed to overcome the challenges of multi-environment and multi-technology fact finding.

Collect, Correlate, Verify, Repeat

ShadowDragon tools were developed to support an investigative process where drill downs need to be repeated and distilled across multiple sources as new artifacts are discovered.


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Bob McCardle


With ShadowDragon’s SocialNet transforms, you can graph out connections across dozens of social networks with just one click. They are a must have for any investigator or hunter. It takes a lot of the time and effort out of pivoting on personal data.

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Christopher Hadnagy


These transforms are an ethical social engineer's best dream....Thanks to the ShadowDragon team.

digital shadows

Our professional services need a repeatable process, ShadowDragon's toolset brings that repeatability and quality we need.

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Matteo Tomasini


SocialNet's ability to help map out a subject's online presence as well as identify connections between subjects has been incredibly valuable for our social media-related investigations.

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Eyal Sela


MalNet and SocialNet are tremendous resources for incidents investigation. They allow for unparalleled pivoting, malicious infrastructure detection and categorization and attribution.

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Jason Briody


I recently got the opportunity to use SocialNet during a human trafficking interdiction. What was once for me a manual and arduous process – i.e., navigate to first social network, search known data points of investigative target, document results, continue to next social network – became an embarrassingly easy single click. This tool doesn’t just save time. Using SocialNet for OSINT is an absolute game-changer.

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