Supporting anti-human trafficking efforts worldwide


Bringing our tools and
training to bear against
human traffickers.

ShadowDragon® has partnered with nonprofit partners in their hunt to disrupt & eradicate modern day human slave trade. ShadowDragon provides specialized digital tool s to support missions of various nonprofits in this space.


ShadowDragon is dedicated to arming investigators with solutions to track and hunt threats in the physical and cyber domains.

Our team has put this commitment into action by partnering with nonprofits with the shared common goal of stopping human traffickers through the use of our tools and tested investigative methods.

In 2020, ShadowDragon expanded the scope of their involvement in multiple nonprofit initiatives globally. This enabled greater impact across multiple countries, agencies, and nonprofit initiatives to stop human trafficking.

We’re proud to have contributed to this success and will continue to provide support for many nonprofits as part of our ongoing commitment to use our resources to make the world a safer place.

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