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The world's data
opened to you.

You want to focus on being the best analyst or investigator you can be, not on collecting data. We’ve been there.

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U.S. Based And Selectively-Focused

While we sell to select government and businesses all over the world, our headquarters, research and development, and support are in the U.S. We maintain offices in Cheyenne, Wyoming; Austin, Texas; and Birmingham, Alabama.

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and Customer-Focused

We understand the elements of technology that enable success and that the relationship with our customer is key. And we believe that most important thing is helping your mission.

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Mission, Not Sales-Quota, Driven

We’re practitioners and dedicated developers who understand what you need and can help you get it. Contact us for a demo, quote, or to buy our solutions.

our vision

To make the world a safer place by developing easy-to-use digital investigation tools that address the complexities of modern online investigations and augment the capabilities of in-house teams.

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Our Mission

We strive to help businesses, law enforcement, governments, and military focus on effective investigation or analysis. In other words, we exist so the good guys win and the bad guys lose.

That’s It. That’s The Mission.

To do it, we develop and sell reliable tools that aid in organized processes to map, correlate, monitor and document the case-specific digital activities of targets on the open and dark web. And we make it all happen really fast.

What is a shadow dragon?

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ShadowDragon® is named after a dragonfly and embodies the characteristics of this fierce insect.

Dragonflies live to track and snare. They are stealthy warriors that possess excellent 360-degree vision with thousands of keen eyes. Dragonflies can hover, dive, fly backward, upside down, and pivot with split-second accuracy to catch their prey. It is not surprising they boast a 95% success rate in hunting – more than lions or sharks.

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