OSINT Podcast: Current News & Industry Topics by Investigators


S02 E04: Breaking Down Systems: Breach Data Dumps, A.I., OSINF vs OSINT, and Tech Job Interviews

July 19, 2023

S02 E03: Silicon Valley Bank, Protest Groups, Terrorist Threats, Hacker Forums, Deep Fakes & Donald Trump

April 13, 2023

S02 E02: Chinese Spy Balloon, Outing Spies, Islamic Attacks, & Human Trafficking As Seen Thru OSINT

March 2, 2023

S02 E01: What We’ve Learned In The Last Year About Social Media, OSINT, and Russia

December 8, 2022

S01 E08: Exploring OSINT, War Stories & OSINT with (Nico Dekens) Dutch_OSINTguy

September 25, 2020

S01 E06: Blake Butler Interview – Intel CTF, Hacking Back, Actor Engagement & Synthetic Identities in the Cognitive Warfare Landscape

May 1, 2020

S01 E05: Matt Devost Interview -Disinformation Attacks Against Institutions of Trust, Turing Assessments for Datasets, Exploration of Red Teaming Innovation

April 20, 2020

S01 E04: Covid19 Conversation and Observations

April 14, 2020

S01 E03: Incident Response, Long Time Investigations Need Story Telling & Innovation in Event Query Languages.

April 13, 2020

S01 E02: Cyber Cyber Bang Bang – Attacks Exploiting Risks within the Physical and Cyber Universe. Poor Security can get someone killed.

April 6, 2020

S01 E01: You offer forensics and you don’t have a CSI room?

April 2, 2020
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