Our Data Provides The Most OSINT Data Sources and Datasets


The world's data
opened to you.

Clever analysts focus on their investigations, not gathering data. Our platforms effortlessly remove the friction of accessing the world’s open data and provide context, so you can do what you do best — find and stop threats.


Live Data Sources

We’ve Done The Hard Work For You.

Platforms like Horizon Monitor, SocialNet®, and MalNet™ sit on our global network of collectors to constantly pull in the latest in live data from across the Internet.

You don’t have to worry about going on the Darkweb or searching through online forums and social media to collect data. Just point us at what you want and search. That’s it!

OurData News@2x

News and Current Events

Use our flexible sources to monitor global news and events, to gather intelligence and situational awareness wherever your targets are.

OurData SocialMedia@2x

Social Media, Chat, Forums

Gather intelligence from an ever-growing network of 200+ sources including social media, review sites, streaming platforms, gaming sites, professional networks, and chat forums.

OurData Malware@2x

Malware Intelligence

Connect malware transforms and cyber threat intel from historical campaign data, domain and IP information, known malware samples, signatures, and hashes.

Historical Datasets

If it happened online, we
probably have it.

Our platforms provide access to a wide variety of live publicly available information, but what’s online is constantly changing. To provide a historical view, we capture and archive datasets going back many years. Subscriptions available to archives for DarkWeb TOR, FourChan, Reddit, Pastebin, ZoneH, and others.

Contact us to learn about our full range of data sources and datasets.

And our stuff works
with your stuff!

We believe your data should not be locked up in limited platforms.

That’s why all of our platforms have open APIs and we provide tools to convert data in Kaseware, I2, or Palantir for Maltego-based link analysis solutions.

Check out our ConvertIT
utility for more info.

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