Become A Partner

Become A Partner

Getting OSINT Into the Right Hands Starts Here.

Providing mission critical data to those who need it is an important step in the fight against malicious actors. Our flexible partner programs enable investigators to connect with our industry leading OSINT data in whatever way best serves their needs.

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Integration Partners

Instantly make your platform a powerhouse

Our data. Your interface.
More powerful investigations.

Expand the magnitude of your search capabilities by connecting with ShadowDragon®. We collect OSINT data from more than 200 platforms, including safe access to nefarious dark web sources. Currently serving scores of integration partners worldwide, our system is sure to provide reliable and seamless connectivity to your platform. Partnering with an industry leader will provide you with stronger market credibility, brand awareness, and data results. Contact us today to get started.

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Our tech team is superb, providing API working sessions and quick onboarding.

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We keep you running smoothly, release system updates, and regularly improve capabilities.

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We ensure you get the most value out of our system through training and demos.

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Our strategies and brand guidelines provide tools to maximize your market penetration.

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Meet our integration

These are just some of the companies integrating OSINT data from ShadowDragon directly into their link analysis platforms. Our tech team has executed seamless connections with numerous investigative systems worldwide.

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Value Added resellers & distributors

Represent our top-rated
product Line

Our data products. Your client.
More powerful investigations.

Resellers can offer our products to their clients, providing even more options for their investigations. ShadowDragon® training sessions provide a customer or prospect an in-depth look at the full capabilities of our products, often leading to purchase or upgrade. Get access to leading brands such as SocialNet®, OIMonitor, and MalNet through integration or our Horizon platform. These flexible tools have successfully integrated with hundreds of systems worldwide. Contact us today to add our products to your sales offerings.

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Offer products proven to do more than the rest, taking investigations beyond normal OSINT reach.

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Open Doors

Use our training sessions to introduce customers to new products and features.

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Get aligned with our leading product brands, well-known throughout the industry.

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Developed as tools for use by a cyber security company, our product success has led our own explosive company growth.

Become a Reseller Today!

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Our popular product line and
flexibility makes it easy

The developers at ShadowDragon have been at the front lines of cyber security since the early days. Our time-saving products, industry reputation, and software usability have generated strong word of mouth sales since 2015. Nothing generates repeat business like getting results.

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Managed Services Partners

You Control Client Accounts, Investigations, & Monitoring

Our data. Our interface. Your expertise.
More powerful investigations.

Our managed services partners understand their clients’ individual needs. They also know our data as well as anyone. Combining this knowledge enables our partners to provide streamlined management and analysis of investigative data. When the limited resources of an end client are better spent acting on information rather than analyzing it, working with one of our managed services partners can put them closer to the finish line quicker. Contact us today to get started as a partner.

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Fluidly navigate our investigative data sets to provide end clients better and quicker results.

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Apply advanced investigative analysis to summarize, provide conclusions, and reduce friction for less inclined clients.

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Structure data into comprehensible reports for clients who simply want the results without the investigative legwork.

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Use our real time message monitoring system to flag and report active threats, requiring quick assessment in real time.

Interested in a Managed Service Partnership?

Explore offering advanced analytics
of our data to your clients.

Join our growing roster of
Managed Service Partners

Some clients prefer the end results while outsourcing the data analytics to get there. If you service law enforcement, government, executive protection, or corporate security clients, ShadowDragon makes managing their advanced investigative work easy with our flexible partnerships.

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