OSINT training and competitions for clever investigators
Not buttonology.

Whether you use our tech and data or someone else’s, the best weapon in your arsenal is still your mind. Our trainings focus on the methodology of modern investigations — not where to click. Because once you know what to ask, you get better answers.

Trainings available:

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OSINT Essentials

Learn what to ask, how to think, and how to find your targets using breadcrumbs and pivot points found on the open Internet.

Available as a self-paced online course or live instructor-led (in-person or virtual)

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OSINT Intel Capture The Flag

Test your collection, OSINT, analysis, and Humint mettle in a two-day, fourteen-level hybrid cyber range/capture the flag.

In the last level (if you make it), you’ll socially engineer live role player targets.

Plus, all training includes 30-day licenses to our tools to practice your new skills.

With ShadowDragon trainings, you will have an edge on your peers and adversaries.

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OSINT Essentials

This course instructor-led training teaches basics for successful use of ShadowDragon methodologies and investigative tools (SocialNet, OIMonitor, MalNet, AliasDB, Spotter). But beyond just how the tools work, we focus on why we built them and the questions they allow you to answer. You don’t need specific tools for a quality investigation (though they make it a LOT easier).

You need to understand the methodologies and
strategies necessary to:

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Build a repeatable process around OSINT Collection & Analysis.

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Develop knowledge needed for simple and advanced dossier/target package building.

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Gain confidence in your manual and automated methods for social media and publicly-accessible information collection.

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Constantly challenge your mind with practical exercises and puzzle solving.

You’ll walk away with a solid foundation in the art of OSINT
(plus a 30-day SocialNet license to practice with).

Locations and Pricing

Self-paced online (one year)

Included with each SocialNet purchase

Online, pre-recorded

Capture-The-Class simulation

One-on-One virtual

$1100 per student

Virtual live (Zoom)

Dedicated mentorship and deep dives

Group virtual

$1500 per group
of up to 15 students

Virtual live (Zoom)

Group collaboration and challenges

One-on-One on-site

Please Call for Details

ShadowDragon HQ or your site

Dedicated mentorship and deep dives

Group on-site (Domestic US)

$4800 per group (15 students)

ShadowDragon HQ or your site

Group collaboration and challenges

All OSINT Essentials training options include:

  • Methodology-based investigations
  • 30-day SocialNet license
  • One Year Access to online class recordings
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Advanced Interactive Cyber Competition Exercises

(OSINT Intel Capture The Flag)

Students that take this course will encounter a two-day, fourteen level immersive capture the flag experience.

Students will have to put all of their skills to the test to get past the first 10 levels. Once they have achieved a status in the scenario, it will force them to physically engage their targets.

The two-day interactive cyber
competition features:

icon bar graph

Fourteen levels

icon search data red

Combination of collection, OSINT, analysis & Humint

icon group

Social Engineering multiple levels in person, with role players

icon steps

Ranking against all players who have ever competed

This course consists of interactive scenario-based (Capture the Flag/Cyber Range) exercises designed to challenge the best and most experienced cyber investigators.

ICC training incorporates continually updated scenarios to address real-world threats and tactics. This is our first course merging recon, OSINT, and investigative skills into a full immersive experience. On the 10th level the end users (if they had made it in time) will need to social engineer their way to the final flags.


Advanced Cyber Analysts

Digital Forensic Investigators

Law Enforcement and Government Agencies

Locations & Pricing

ShadowDragon HQ
in Birmingham, AL

$1200 per student

Client on-site facility
(within USA)

Inquire for pricing


Inquire for pricing

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