Innovative investigation tools are essential for successful cyber sleuthing. However, tools by themselves are only as good as the user’s experience and skill level. To help, we have worked with our most seasoned investigators to design courses geared toward evolving the technical dexterity, analysis skills and applied methodologies of cyber-hunters of all experience levels.

Find People, Clues and Proof on the Internet

Successful cyber investigation requires a diverse mixture of tactical skill, disciplined methodology, and technical innovation. ShadowDragon training courses provide students at every level of technical skill and experience with challenging, hands-on training that combine the strategic objectives of investigative process and the tactical tools used to target and speed data collection.

ShadowDragon training will teach you how to stealthily hunt, collect and verify OSINT and push the boundaries of your investigative capabilities on cases that may span continents and decades.

Course Descriptions

The goal of ShadowDragon courses is to help you, the investigator, navigate complex investigative cases, integrate OSINT analysis, monitoring and targeting and challenge top tier investigative operators year after year. To achieve this goal, ShadowDragon offers graduated levels of courses to aid investigators to grow, mature and dominate.

Two Public Courses Available

[ OSINT Training Essentials & Advanced Interactive Cyber Competition Exercises (Intel CTF) ]

Learn Why Methodology Is Paramount

Why Training Is Important


OSINT Training Essentials [ONLINE TRAINING]

$250.00 per Year/student
  • Online Training Subscription
  • Methodology Based Investigation
  • One Day Class Virtual Class
  • Capture The Class Scenerios
  • 30 Day Free ShadowDragon Licenses

OSINT Training Essentials [ONE ON ONE ZOOM]

$495 per student
  • Training - ONE ON ONE ZOOM
  • Methodology Based Investigation
  • Virtual Class Access
  • Year Long Online Subscription
  • 30 Day Free ShadowDragon Licenses

OSINT Training Essentials [ONE ON ONE IN PERSON]

850 per student
  • Training - ONE ON ONE IN PERSON
  • Methodology Based Investigation
  • Virtual Class Access
  • Year Long Online Subscription
  • 30 Day Free ShadowDragon Licenses

OSINT Training Essentials - [GROUP COURSE ZOOM]

995.00 Per Group (15)
  • Methodology Based Investigation
  • Up To 15 Students ZOOM / Remote
  • One Day Class Virtual Class Access
  • Year Long Online Subscription
  • 30 Day Free ShadowDragon Licenses

OSINT Training Essentials - [GROUP COURSE ONSITE]

4800.00 (Domestic US*) Per Group (15)
  • Methodology Based Investigation
  • Up To 15 Students IN PERSON / HQ
  • One Day Class Virtual Class Access
  • Year Long Online Subscription
  • 30 Day Free ShadowDragon Licenses

What The Student walks away with:

  • The ability to have a repeatable process around OSINT Collection & Analysis.
  • The student will gain the needed knowledge for simple and advanced dossier/target package building.
  • Students will gain confidence in manual and automated methods for collection on social media and related publicly accessible information resources.
  • Students will be challenged with practical exercises, focusing on confidence and puzzle solving.
  • Students will gain a 30 day license of SocialNet, if they do not have a license already.

"I thought this was course was about OSINT, or your products or finding bad guys."

Those areas are covered, but more importantly all of our courses are about thinking. We use our tools, but our classes at ShadowDragon are about thinking, followed by tips, tricks, and methodologies we have discovered, practiced, and implemented on a very large scale for success.

We want you to approach investigations differently. Would you rather learn from guys talking about other folks tools that may or may not work, or would you want to know why we made the tools we sell 10+ years ago and the thoughts we use in investigations?

Defining PAI/OSINT provides a solid understanding of datasets, information and external data sources that fall under the PAI definition. This module covers different collection and pivoting
methodologies that enable particular or full attribution.

Instructors will engage students with methodologies that transcend past, current, and future collection technologies and datasets pushing the students to problem solve and investigate appropriately.

Interactive classes encourage techniques that challenge students to identify individuals, groups with a structure approach which increases confidence, repeatability and problem solving within this domain.

This course is instructor-led training that teaches basics for successful use of ShadowDragon methodologies and investigative tools (SocialNet, OIMonitor, MalNet, AliasDB, Spotter).

Interactive Cyber Competition Exercises | INTEL Capture The Flag (CTF)


Interactive Cyber Competition Exercise | 2 Days

1200.00 per student
  • Fourteen Level Course
  • Ranked Against All Players Who Have Ever Competed
  • Combination of Collection, OSINT, Analysis & Humint
  • Social Engineering multiple levels in person, with role players

Students that take this course will encounter a fourteen level immersive capture the flag experience.

Students will have to put all of their skills to the test to get past the first 10 levels. Once they have achieved a status in the scenario, they will be forced to physically engage their targets.

This course consists of interactive scenario-based (Capture the Flag/Cyber Range) exercises designed to challenge the best and most experienced cyber investigators. ICC training incorporates continually updated scenarios to address real-world threats and tactics. This is our first course merging recon, osint, and investigative skills into a full immersive experience. On the 10th level the end users (if they had made it in time) will need to now social engineer their way to the final flags.

Dates Available: Book your Intel CTF Now!!

2 Days
Advanced Cyber Analysts, Digital Forensic Investigators, Law Enforcement and Government Agencies
ShadowDragon in Birmingham, AL; Client on-site facility (within USA); Online
$1200 per student, ShadowDragon at HQ; Training offered in Dallas, TX; Inquire for per student, client on-site facility (within USA)
Group rates available. ICC Annual Subscription - up to 12 scenario exercises per year can be negotiated.

Inquire about training dates and options.

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