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Who We Are

We build tools for the right reason and the right client.

We started building tools in 2009, with the advent of SocialNet. Our mission was to build a reliable set of tools for analyst to conduct investigations more efficiently.

Commonly, many tools available don't integrate to get the job done during an investigation, they are hard to use, and many times unreliable. Analyst lose trust, time, and valuable results leading to frustration.

ShadowDragon's mission is to provide tools that are reliable, and aid in an organized process; enabling customers to utilize the tools to enable focus for effective investigation or analysis.

Guiding Success 

We know that as an investigator or analyst, you need to focus and you want the best tools to suppliment your investigation or analytical process.

We have been making tools for over 11 years in the business; we've worked with high level government entities globally, commercial entities, and NGO's; most importantly, we are ourselves investigators and analyst, who've created the tools that work best for our process.

Privately held, debt free, mission driven.

We answer to the client. Not Investors abstracted from the craft

Answering to the client's needs is fundamental for success. We understand the elements of technology which enable success, but also understand the relationship with our customer is key.

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Planning For Success

Test the Tools, Watch Some Videos, Ask about success

We provide continued support throughout the process, and make ourselves available for any questions you may have about any of our solutions.

As we walk with you, success follows.

  • Analyst will have reliable, actionable and replicable capability for analysis.
  • We cut the corners and provide a more organized and efficient way of conducting investigation and analysis by collecting data at scale, or enabling laser like focus on things that matter.
  • Thoroughly architected solutions is a rarity when the race to the edge is occurring. We don't have the race investors demand, as we focus on quality, scalability, and results for the client.

Avoiding Failure

Wasted Time, Wasted Focus, Faulty Data

  • Wasted time manually collecting individual bits waters down the analyst and the team.
  • Not being able to focus on asking the right questions also contributes to failure. The analyst needs to focus on the craft, asking questions, and analyzing data. They do not need to focus on building tools.
  • Avoid dead-ends. ShadowDragon is always collecting obscure data, enabling collection at scale, and analysis.

Experience Transformation

Analyst Need a Guide that enables Focus & Confidence

Analyst will find new leads, understand deeper methodologies in their investigative workflow and become more efficient in their function. We enable the analyst to focus on the craft of analysis.

Global Reach

N. America, Europe

Founded in Cheyenne, Wyoming. We also have RND offices in Austin, Tx; Birmingham, AL, and offices in Copenhagen, Denmark.

You need our tools to make your life better.

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