As an investigative professional or analyst, you need to focus your time and expertise on identifying relevant data—not manually sifting through reports. OIMonitor customizes and automates intelligence gathering across multiple sources, freeing you to drill down on case-specific results. ShadowDragon enabled tailored monitoring and data collection at scale.

Focused Intelligence Enables You to Act Quickly

OIMonitor tailored monitoring puts you in the front seat enabling investigations based on your parameters. You choose data sources and define alerts to create an automated intelligence gathering process. This eliminates much of the time-consuming analysis needed to identify trends and correlate threats. You spend less time scanning reports, and more time acting on relevant intelligence. You may need to monitor for brand intelligence, social media intelligence, data leaks, physical threat monitoring.


Name, Define, and Monitor Alert

Choose data sources and dates

Visualize alert data to identify trends and context

Review alert summaries


Chat Service Collection
We archive telegram, WhatsApp, Social Media sources, IRC.

DarkNet Collection
We archive thousands TOR sites per day with full artifact collection and screenshots.

Alerts and tailored monitoring can be customized, returning only relevant data on active cyber and physical threats.

Time and expertise of staff can be focused on real threats, not on determining which threats are relevant.

Full Screenshot Support
View and link raw artifacts and screen shots from DarkNet and TOR.

Automation increases real time situational awareness for faster evaluation and correlation of threats.

Flexible parameters adapt to multiple human, cyber threat and business intelligence gathering needs.

Forum Monitoring
Follow forums such as MyBB, phpBB and vBulletin on the open and dark web.

Historical ShadowDragon data from 2011 forward provides insight and context to current threat data.

Graphic interface allows for parameter selection and then combines results in an easy-to-read format.

Works for Multiple Intelligence Gathering Needs

OIMonitor allows you to choose data sources and define alerts by source, entity, brand and even custom terms like event names or news topics. This feature makes our OSINT research tool flexible for a variety of business, cyber threat and human intelligence gathering needs.


  • Social Media monitoring
  • Breach monitoring | Data Dumps
  • Brand awareness
  • Executive impersonation attack identification
  • Automated Open Source Intelligence collection and alerting
  • Online investigations
  • Human intelligence gathering and surveillance
  • Executive protection
  • Physical security
  • Cyber Threat Intelligence
  • Real-time situational awareness
  • Dark Net Monitoring
  • Criminal Forum Monitoring
  • WhatsApp and Chat Protocol Monitoring
  • Telegram and Chat Protocol Monitoring
  • Dialogue Protocol Monitoring (IRC, Etc )
  • Tailored Monitoring and Data Collection at Scale
  • Active Shooter Monitoring
  • Executive Travel Monitoring
  • Pandemic Outbreak Monitoring


  • OEM Integrations
  • MSSP Teams
  • SOC Teams
  • Cyber Threat Intelligence
  • Corporate Security
  • Intelligence Analysts
  • Legal Professionals
  • Detectives and Investigators
  • Commercial
  • Government and Military

Free Dossier Template: Make OIMonitor
Findings Clear and Compelling

A strong presentation of intelligence can help stakeholders understand real risks and, in turn, take decisive action. Our team is dedicated to helping you succeed with a FREE editable Dossier Template structured to facilitate an organized process and present findings in compelling way.

Spend less time scanning reports, and more time acting on intelligence.

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