Analysts in government and large corporations often use Kaseware, i2 or Palantir as their primary link analysis platform with limited ability to take advantage of unique Maltego-based tools. ConvertIt automated document conversion tool frees these users to expand their link analysis capabilities to include unique Maltego-based solutions like MalNet and SocialNet.

Expand Link Analysis Capabilities

ConvertIt easily changes Maltego graphs to I2, Palantir, CSV or secure transmission file types. This enables the use of Maltego-based link analysis tools that utilize SocialNet and Malnet for investigations alongside i2 and Palintir. With quick conversion to other link analysis platforms, ConvertIt is also convenient for government analysts to transition files between unclassified and classified areas.

convertit chart@2x


One-click graph recreation to I2 Analyst Notebook, CSV file or PDF


Access Proofpoint data via MalNet to gain strategic malware context, then convert the results.

One-click graph recreation to transition files between sensitive or classified areas

Convert Maltego graphs into a graphical or text PDFs for more attractive presentations within restricted environments.

Leverage Maltego-based SocialNet to map social media connections, and then convert the results.

Eliminate time consuming manual conversions.

ConvertIt enables government analysts to easily convert Maltego graphs to intermediate PDF files, facilitating the electronic transmission of files between environments of varying classification levels.

Leverage Unique Maltego-based Investigative Tools

Convert SocialNet Social Media

  • Connect online aliases to personal Identities
  • Widen scope of investigations by identifying associates
  • Discover and visualize networks of bad actors
  • Chart large and complex criminal operations
  • Uncover locations and infer movements

Convert MalNet Malware Analysis Results

  • Visualize malware infrastructure
  • Accesses leading Proofpoint ET data in real time
  • Connects specific campaigns to leading indicators, hashes, domains, individuals
  • Visualizes attacks in motion all over the world
  • Provides critical context for deeper threat insight


  • Security Operations Center (SOC)
  • Incident Response Teams
  • Forensic, Malware or TI Analysts
  • Fusion Center
  • Chief Information Security Officer
  • Law Enforcement: Detectives and Investigators

Want to power-up investigative capabilities by converting results from unique Maltego-based tools?

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