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S01 E01: You offer forensics and you don’t have a CSI room?

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About this Episode

A variety of topics are covered in this episode.

  • Candor on the Infosec industry.
  • VC Trends & Startup trends.
  • Tools vs. Process.
  • Brian Dykstra, shares some of the high’s and low’s after doing forensics for the last 24 years.
  • If you don’t have a CSI room while doing forensics, you are totally lame.
  • Hotness with getting 500g/sec on forensic image acquisition.
  • Evaluating Sandbox technologies in use. What is hot or not. ThreatGrid, Joe’s Sandbox, or bare metal.

Dan’s Inbox review:

  • Casemanagement vs. Target centric analysis.
  • Alternatives to Maltego, pros/cons.
  • Tools mentioned Kaseware,Datawalk, i2, etc.
  • Vc’s falling into “Platform” trap, versus understanding data sales market.

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