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S01 E04: Covid19 Conversation and Observations


About this Episode


We have been monitoring COVID19 and observed that we need to dig in deeper with experts in the field.
In this episode we explore that dialogue. In our podcast, we aren’t always the experts in all of the topics at hand, but we know where to get experts and have candid conversations.

**Standard Disclaimer**
The intent is to explore information around this topic. This episode is long, and we will get a bibliography put together. In no way should the questions fan the flame of conspiracies, fear or panic. The information discussed are opinions and dialogue. Please verify the information or theories shared on your own time. The doctor Interviewed had requested to not publish his identity in this piece. We respect that and hope you will as well.

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Vimeo Video version of the Podcast: https://vimeo.com/407685235
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