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iHTAC Offers LE Resources to Help Children Victimized by Trafficking


Accelerating Law Enforcement Capabilities

DeliverFund’s iHTAC is a unique collaboration with corporate partners who bring innovative technology tools used to accelerate law enforcement capabilities in their case work. The iHTAC serves as the central point of collection, integration, analysis and dissemination of human trafficking intelligence for law enforcement, select nonprofits and professionals working together to fight human trafficking.

Next week, DeliverFund and two iHTAC members — Marinus Analytics and ShadowDragon — are reaching out to law enforcement by exhibiting at the Crimes Against Children Conference (CACC) in Dallas. The goal: Ensure that law enforcement knows DeliverFund stands ready to be provide resources and tools. This is offered to law enforcement agencies through a 10-day Counter Human Trafficking Intelligence Operations Course, 24/7/365 analysis support and resourcing their technology needs.

The Passion Behind iHTAC Corporate Partnerships

For dclemens – ShadowDragon’s CEO – the company’s partnership with DeliverFund is a natural. “It’s always been my view that since we have the skill, experience and unique technology to track and ID criminals, we absolutely have a responsibility to use it – especially for those in dire need. I can’t think of anyone that needs help more than the children held in captivity by human traffickers. We are very proud to be helping as part of iHTAC.”

Emily Kennedy, CEO of Marinus Analytics, an iHTAC member, echoes this passion. “The crime of human trafficking is no respecter of persons or boundaries, and it can only be fought effectively with a collaborative response. Our team at Marinus is honored to lend our artificial intelligence expertise to this fight. We are pleased to be part of DeliverFund’s iHTAC in supporting a collaborative, coordinated response.”

Getting Results

In just a few years of operation, DeliverFund’s public-private partnership model has had tremendous success.

During Super Bowl LI, a “dream team” of iHTAC members and investigators uncovered two national trafficking networks, 44 individual traffickers and eight actionable cases in just a few days. Most recently, a human trafficking ring in New Mexico who kept victims in dog crates and had garnered attention of law enforcement agents in other states, was dismantled by NM law enforcement agents with the intelligence provided by DeliverFund.


Daniel Clemens

Daniel Clemens is the founder and CEO of both ShadowDragon and Packet Ninjas, a niche cyber security consulting and services company.

With extensive experience in defensive and offensive security, Daniel has been a quiet trailblazer in digital intel gathering long before cyber intelligence became a discipline. More than a decade ago he was inventing and applying his own intelligence tools in support of companies and governments around the world facing urgent threats. Using this deep understanding of web technologies and the behaviors of cybercriminals, he has enhanced, updated and packaged these tools under ShadowDragon.

Daniel is a member of the Odonata Holdings, Inc.
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