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How OSINT Differs from Traditional Cyber Threat Intelligence?

Target-centric investigations and OSINT tools yield more effective results

While there may be some minor overlap, there are major distinctions between traditional Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI) and the more advanced Open Source Intelligence (OSINT). The efficiency, effectiveness, and approach vary greatly between the two and offer vastly different outcomes for the enterprises that use these tools.

Ken Buckler, a research director at Enterprise Management Associates and information and cyber security specialist, has noticed that enterprises which could substantially benefit from OSINT tools may not understand the extent of the differences. His latest white paper offers a basic explanation of the distinctions and advantages before expanding on the capabilities of commercially available tools used to enhance intelligence strategies.

This white paper discusses the high signal-to-noise ratio with traditional CTI, the lack of trust for useful data, strengthening pre-attack cyber defense with target-centric intelligence, and using OSINT to put a face on cyber attackers. It also touches on important questions of the day including the importance of establishing direct correlation over statistical A.I. probabilities, ethical factors related to untargeted data collection, and improving operational efficiency with more effective investigations and incident response.

Cyber threats will continue to increase in frequency and sophistication with the exponential growth and reliance of online information. Maintain your awareness of best practices in the areas of cyber threat intelligence and open source intelligence for your organization.


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