Siren Forms Strategic Partnership with ShadowDragon -

Siren Forms Strategic Partnership with ShadowDragon

Market Leading Technologies Combineto Provide Powerful Investigative Solution

Market Leading Technologies Combine to Provide Powerful Investigative Solution

GALWAY, IRELAND, October 27, 2022Siren, a leading provider of Investigative Intelligence analytics, today announced a strategic partnership with ShadowDragon, a provider of open source Intelligence (OSINT) unique datasets and APIs that reduces the friction of sourcing, collecting, and sorting open source data in modern investigations.

The engagement between the two companies establishes a compelling proposition which is particularly relevant to Law Enforcement, National Security and investigative Corporate users. ShadowDragon simplifies the complexities of modern investigations that involve multiple online environments. Data sources it can access include news and current affairs, social media (chat and online forums), malware intelligence and historical datasets. Platforms such as OIMonitor, SocialNet, and MalNet sit on ShadowDragon’s global network of collectors to constantly pull in the latest in live data from across the Internet.

The Siren platform is used worldwide as a key component in investigative solutions, search and discovery efforts. It performs enterprise-wide search, providing sets of links which enables the clear visualization and exploration of relationships between records. Siren supports the spectrum of data used in open source intelligence. OSINT’s volume and complexity of unstructured and structured data demands a robust platform. Siren offers end-to-end capabilities that address these types of challenges.

Siren’s intuitive user interface supports analysts as they search for key bad actors. As events unfold, Siren fuses data with other sources in real-time. It is critical to fuse the new data with existing data in a seamless environment and Siren’s unique ability to onboard data using its fluid schema makes it ideal for OSINT. Siren allows analysts to blend traditional and new intelligence disciplines into a single view. Siren’s real-time processing of news and media sources are a must for any OSINT mission. Siren gives analysts the edge that they need.

“Partnering with Siren presented the opportunity to connect restful APIs for our entire ShadowDragon intelligence suite into a single investigative source, tipping the balance for investigative teams worldwide,” revealed ShadowDragon founder dclemens.

John Randles, CEO of Siren, said: “Enriching classified data with OSINT data is a key challenge that many investigators face. This partnership completely solves that issue. Both companies have the same mantra – provide technology which enables the good guys to win and the bad guys to lose, and in doing so you keep people, assets and networks safe.”

Siren is now able to resell ShadowDragon data, enabling simple contracting to access the data. The offering is available for both cloud and on-premise deployments. ShadowDragon solutions are used by hundreds of clients in the U.S., Europe, the Middle East, Asia and Latin America. This includes Fortune 50 companies as well as U.S. based and international law enforcement, government, military and intelligence organizations.

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Siren provides the leading Investigative Intelligence platform to some of the world’s largest and most complex organizations for Investigative Intelligence on their data. Rooted in academic R&D in information retrieval, distributed computing and knowledge representation, the Siren platform provides integrated investigative intelligence combining previously disconnected capability of search, business intelligence, link analysis and big data operational logging and alerting.

Among Siren awards are Technology Innovation of the Year and the Irish Startup of the Year (Ireland’s National Tech Excellence awards). In 2020, Siren was named as a Gartner Cool Vendor in an Analytics and Data Science Report. For more information, visit

About ShadowDragon

ShadowDragon provides comprehensive, cyber investigative resources and training for use by private companies, intelligence gathering professionals, law enforcement, and government. The U.S.-based company delivers open source intelligence (OSINT) from over 200 networks including social media platforms, chat rooms, forums, historical datasets, and the dark web. The company monitors malware history, data breach dumps, and other areas for active cyber threats. These data collection and analytic tools help defend against malicious acts in the digital and physical world. For more information, visit

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