ShadowDragon Expands Partnerships for OSINT Collection -

ShadowDragon Expands Partnerships for OSINT Collection

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Hoover, AL – As the sophistication of organized cyber threats increases, so does the need for cooperation to catch the perpetrators of these malicious acts. ShadowDragon™, a leading provider of cyber data intelligence, offers a variety of partnership opportunities for those in the business of investigation, security, public and school safety, corporate espionage, government services, and law enforcement.

There are many levels of service in the cyber intelligence industry and ShadowDragon has ways to partner with and improve each of them. From basic end users who just need data access to robust platforms that want to expand intelligence resources.

The most common integration partnerships are companies that have existing software platforms offering investigative tools to end clients. These platforms integrate with SocialNet™, a powerful aggregator of publicly accessible information (PAI), providing expanded search capabilities and attribution tools.

Our value added resellers and distributor partnerships enable access to a large slate of OSINT tools. OIMonitor™ offers continuous custom keyword searches that trigger real-time alerts for potential threats. MalNet™ is a malware research tool and archive. Spotter™ allows anonymous engagement and documented communication with malicious parties. SocialNet facilitates meaningful cyber intelligence searches. Many of the products can be integrated into other platforms, while SocialNet and MalNet can also be accessed directly through the Horizon™ platform.

While ShadowDragon specializes in aggregating the most comprehensive open source intelligence from across the internet, deep web, and dark web for advanced analysis, some end users prefer summations. Managed service providers offer these types of services for clients, utilizing any of the ShadowDragon products. These partners compile, analyze, and summarize information within individualized accounts.

Partnerships with ShadowDragon include technical support, use case development, brand recognition, and market strategy to help businesses grow and achieve lasting success. Training is also available for all ShadowDragon products. Visit the updated partnership webpages for more detailed information.

A range of options are available for partnering with ShadowDragon, an industry-leading provider of cyber intelligence for use in law enforcement, government, corporate security, and private industry. Contact the team today to discuss a solution to your needs.

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