ShadowDragon Becomes Platinum Sponsor of the OSINT Foundation -

ShadowDragon Becomes Platinum Sponsor of the OSINT Foundation

ShadowDragon is now a Platinum Level Sponsor partner with the OSINT Foundation

[Original announcement from OSINT Foundation] The OSINT Foundation is pleased to announce that ShadowDragon has partnered with us as a Platinum Level Sponsor. The OSINT Foundation is the professional association for OSINT practitioners who support the U.S. Intelligence Community. Corporate sponsors support the mission of the Foundation, which is to promote the OSINT tradecraft, elevate the discipline, and develop the practitioner community to advance the national security of the United States. Our sponsors enable the Foundation to provide opportunities for OSINT practitioners to grow through forums, continuing education, promulgating OSINT best practices, developing professional certification standards, and recognizing performance excellence.

When I started down the path of OSINT many years ago, initially as an ethical hacker and later as an investigator tasked with solving complex insider threats, OSINT was the first place to turn in pursuit of more information to identify who was behind those complex threats and to enable data-driven strategies for an end game. A good investigator knows that the data tells the story; and in this vein, the usefulness of OSINT to augment finding the answer to a variety of questions and investigative requirements is more relevant than ever,” said dclemens, founder and CEO of ShadowDragon. “Quality data produces better insights, paving the way for greater opportunity. This is one reason why the entire ShadowDragon team is dedicated to enabling ‘OSINT for good’ and impacting the industry. We look forward to collaborating on ways to further advance the tradecraft of OSINT through our involvement with the OSINT Foundation.”

ShadowDragon is a provider of ethical open-source intelligence (OSINT) software, link analysis, unique datasets and investigator training courses. One of ShadowDragon’s key missions is making the world a safer place by developing easy-to-use digital investigation tools that simplify the complexities of modern online investigations. ShadowDragon’s tools, data and training resources are designed to help those providing protection to their communities (public servants, corporate organizations, vetted law enforcement, governments, and militaries) focus on effective investigation and analysis of open-source intelligence (OSINT) and publicly available information (PAI) to solve challenging criminal cases and complex cybersecurity incidents.

OSINT Foundation Barbara Alexander ShadowDragon Partner Review Testimonial

Barbara Alexander, president of the OSINT Foundation, commented, “We are pleased to welcome ShadowDragon as a platinum sponsor of the Foundation. The company’s subject matter experts bring insights and best practices, gleaned from their work and tools that map, correlate and document digital activities on the open and dark web. As they join our membership and participate, I know they will help support our mission of enhancing the discipline and advancing OSINT tradecraft across the Intelligence Community and beyond. Industry sponsors such as ShadowDragon are valued partners in our mission to support OSINT practitioners, and we are delighted to join the other non-profit organizations with whom ShadowDragon partners. We thank ShadowDragon for its commitment to our mission as demonstrated by this Platinum Level sponsorship.”

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About ShadowDragon
ShadowDragon provides comprehensive, cyber investigative resources and training for use by private companies, intelligence gathering professionals, law enforcement, and government. The U.S.-based company delivers open-source intelligence (OSINT) from over 200 networks including social media platforms, chat rooms, forums, historical datasets, and the dark web. The company monitors malware history, data breach dumps, and other areas for active cyber threats. These data collection and analytic tools help defend against malicious acts in the digital and physical world. For more information, visit Visit the ShadowDragon Trust Center for details about the company’s approach to “OSINT for good.”

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