ShadowDragon Partners with SynapseAi to Expand Influence in Asia Pacific -

ShadowDragon Partners with SynapseAi to Expand Influence in Asia Pacific


Hoover, AL – [26th June] – ShadowDragon™, a provider of ethical open-source intelligence (OSINT), unique datasets and APIs, is pleased to expand its partner ecosystem through a strategic partnership with SynapseAi to allow secure access of ShadowDragon’s OSINT investigative tools and enhance reach and capabilities in the Asia Pacific region. This collaboration offers security for OSINT investigations, building a stronger relationship between the US and APAC and the customer base. This helps operational users to get better access to the right things to solve problems. This partnership will help solve operational challenges and aims to deliver advanced intelligence tools and services to a broader audience, bolstering regional cybersecurity and investigative efforts.

With a proven track record of providing innovative intelligence solutions to government agencies, law enforcement, and commercial entities, ShadowDragon’s partnership with SynapseAi marks a significant step in expanding its global footprint. The synergy between ShadowDragon’s cutting-edge OSINT technology and SynapseAi expertise in data analytics and artificial intelligence promises to create a powerful alliance capable of tackling the most complex intelligence challenges.

Expanding Horizons with Advanced Solutions

ShadowDragon is dedicated to equipping investigators, analysts, and security professionals with unparalleled tools for navigating today’s complex threat landscape. The comprehensive OSINT platform offers a suite of features designed to transform raw data into actionable intelligence, that combines the flagship SocialNet OSINT capability with free and commercial data covering the dark web, cyber threat intelligence, and geolocation to build a complete picture of investigations. This has revolutionized how organizations gather and analyze intelligence, by integrating with SynapseAi’s advanced analytical capabilities, this partnership will enhance the real-time data processing, visualization, and actionable insights available to users in the Asia Pacific region.

Daniel Clemens, CEO at ShadowDragon said “At the core of ShadowDragon lies a strategic imperative: to help businesses, law enforcement, governments, and military focus on effective investigation and analysis. Partnerships with organizations like SynapseAi are more than just collaborations; they are strategic alliances that empower us to work beyond boundaries and elevate our collective impact. It is not just about expanding our reach; it’s about leveraging complementary expertise to unlock new insights and innovation.”

A Strategic Alliance for Greater Impact

SynapseAi’s local expertise and established presence in the Asia Pacific market provides a solid foundation for this partnership. Together, the two companies aim to address the unique challenges faced by regional clients, offering tailored solutions that meet the specific needs of various industries, including law enforcement, cybersecurity, and corporate security.

“Partnering with ShadowDragon allows us to bring a new level of intelligence capabilities to our clients,” said Fendi Effendy, Founder and CEO of SynapseAi. “Integrating their robust OSINT tools with our AI-driven analytics will provide unparalleled insights and support to organizations striving to protect their assets and operations.”

Commitment to Innovation and Security

Both ShadowDragon and SynapseAi are committed to driving innovation in the intelligence sector. This partnership underscores the dedication to enhancing security and intelligence operations through state-of-the-art technology and expert collaboration.

“As threats continue to evolve, it is crucial that we stay ahead with innovative solutions,” said Paul DiBello, SVP of Global Business Partnerships. “Our partnership with SynapseAi ensures that we can deliver cutting-edge intelligence tools that meet the growing demands of our clients in the Asia Pacific region.”

Looking Forward

The partnership between ShadowDragon and SynapseAi has been established with joint efforts focused on integration of technologies and delivering enhanced solutions to clients. Both companies will also participate in regional conferences and events to showcase their combined capabilities and engage with potential customers.

About ShadowDragon

ShadowDragon provides comprehensive, cyber investigative resources and training for use by private companies, intelligence gathering professionals, law enforcement, and government. The U.S.-based company delivers open-source intelligence (OSINT) from over 200 networks including social media platforms, chat rooms, forums, historical datasets, and the dark web. The company monitors malware history, data breach dumps, and other areas for active cyber threats. These data collection and analytic tools help defend against malicious acts in the digital and physical world. For more information, visit

About SynapseAi

SynapseAi specializes in advanced data analytics and artificial intelligence solutions. With a focus on delivering actionable insights through innovative technology, Synapse AI supports organizations in making informed decisions and achieving their strategic goals. For more information, visit


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