Becoming Dark Web Rambo -

Becoming Dark Web Rambo

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There’s a lot of mystery that surrounds the dark web–surprisingly, even in the information security space.  I’ve met a huge swath of capable engineers and developers who can explain the technical intricacies of the dark web, tips on remaining anonymous, and detailed descriptions of encryption and the like.  What’s shocking, though, is the number of them that have no idea what’s actually there as far as content is concerned.

We’ve all heard about how you can get “anything” on the dark web, from drugs to wives to botnets and porn, it’s all a free-for-all.  (Protip: The regular web has all that stuff too)


While the news is sensational,  most of the dark web is relatively tame.  Forums, message boards, news, and legitimate sites are common.  Most of the dark web is a safe place for people to escape the prying eyes of their oppressive governments or draconian network Sandyistrators. 

Hell, even Facebook is here, if you prefer your surveillance to be a bit more corporate.


However, this doesn’t mean there aren’t plenty of nefarious things we can get into. Today, we are shopping for weapons, and not just the basic stuff.  The real Rambo good stuff. Let’s see what we can find:

First we’re gonna need some Glocks:


Ok. Now some bigger stuff–let’s get a 308:


Let’s get some night vision:


We’ve got some good stuff. Now, it’s time for RPGs:


Alright. And let’s just get something cool looking:


Well, it looks like we are geared up and ready for a fight.  That just took about 15 minutes of poking around.

All of these images and sites came from our OIMonitor tool.  We have a number of projects specifically monitoring these places and really anywhere you might have interest.  It’s true the dark web isn’t all “bad,” but where there is a semblance of anonymity, there is a probability for evil.  Our tools can enable you to monitor these places, filter out the static, and home in on the bad guys.

Happy Hunting.

Elliott Anderson

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