Zero-Profile Attribution: Find People, Clues and Proof on the Internet

The ShadowDragon Zero-Profile Attribution Course is a 2-day class that provides an overview of the investigative process and the tools that can be used to target and speed data collection. Learn how to stealthily hunt, collect and verify OSINT and push the boundaries of your investigative capabilities on cases that may span continents and decades.

We cover what tools to use - and not use, when to use them, how to scale an agile team, and when to play offense to solve difficult problems. We will discuss strategic deployment of contractors to verify attribution and other scenarios that may help disrupt a combination of complex espionage, insider threats and a mixture of the modern blending of threats.

Expectations and Goals

Students will become proficient in performing basic to complex cyber investigations. They will leave with a clear understanding of the investigative process and how to use digital tools to perform research.

Training Topics:

  • Investigative principles and fundamentals
  • Link analysis and OSINT
  • Timeline Analysis
  • Targeting, verification & risks
  • Developing real-world targets
  • How and when to document
  • Where to find clues
  • Tips and best practices

Who Should Take This Course

This course is designed to be beneficial for any professionals charged with performing cyber investigations. This includes individuals at any level in cyber security, information security, intelligence analysis, corporate security or physical security. We have special expertise in training Law Enforcement through our relationship with DeliverFund.

You Will Need

  • Laptop with wireless access, 8 GB
  • Maltego 4 – Commercial Edition (Some users will use Maltego if they prefer or Kaseware)
  • Or Laptop with Chrome Installed

We Will Provide

  • Training licenses for use in class: SocialNet, OIMonitor, MalNet
  • Training box
  • USB Drive with copy of the course pages

Upcoming Training Options

We will be holding multiple training courses in the fall of 2018. Locations and times will be announced soon. Sign up below to be contacted when information is announced.

In addition you can schedule a customized training package for your group or corporate team by emailing us.