Gather Key Intelligence to Move Your Investigation Forward

Whether you need to fuel, expand or finalize an investigation, and even collect defensible attribution—Spotter can help. Spotter works by allowing you to engage incognito with your target via a website redirect that tracks the technical aspects of the interaction. You can utilize intelligence gathering tactics of your choice to collect case-specific information while verifying a target’s identity, IP identification and often their physical location.

Spotter Screenshot


  • Engage targets anonymously without alerting them to your investigation.

  • Utilize Spotter as a platform to utilize intelligence gathering techniques of your choice.

  • Remotely identify adversary information such as an IP address, probable physical location or size.

  • Gather telling information on user agents including device type, browser, cookies, language setting, time stamps, and more.

  • Create, track and record multiple cases in which collected artifacts can be analyzed.

  • Engage targets with custom payloads.


  • Case management
  • Dossier building
  • Online investigations
  • Human intelligence gathering and surveillance
  • Cyber Threat Intelligence


  • MSSP Teams
  • SOC Teams
  • Cyber Threat Intelligence
  • Intelligence Analysts
  • Legal Professionals
  • Detectives and Investigators