Expedite Anti-Malware Investigations & Response

MalNet brings together the industry’s most extensive malware threat information from Proofpoint ET Intelligence with Maltego link analysis capabilities from ShadowDragon. MalNet enables incident responders, threat analysts and law enforcement to identify and visualize malware connections in just seconds to expedite investigations, response, and malware protection.

Visually Explore & Uncover Malware Connections in Seconds

With over a decade of collecting and analyzing threat intelligence data, Proofpoint ET Intelligence™ has the largest and most comprehensive database that identifies malicious IP addresses and domains and delivers actionable malware protection intelligence in context.

Using MalNet and its’ customized transforms, this data can be quickly visualized uncovering points of origin, covert channels, exploits kits, malware hashes, command control systems and more, resulting in robust malware prevention.


  • Visualize malware connections and campaigns into the 1000s of records.

  • Analyze data using 100+ commercially supported transforms.

  • Access industry-leading current and historical Proofpoint ET Intelligence.

  • Connect specific attack campaigns to billions of available individual indicators.

  • Search and view attacks and actors in motion all over the world to devise anti-malware strategies.

  • Easily pivot and drill down with a forensic data trail for incident investigation.

Top MalNet Commercial Transforms

  • Domain

    • Reputation
    • Malware-requested URLs
    • Related malware samples
    • Related IPs
  • IP

    • Malware-requested URLs
    • Related malware samples
    • Related domains
    • Related IDS events
  • Malware

    • Connection source IP
    • Connection destination IP
    • HTTP request source IP
    • HTTP request destination IP
  • Signature

    • Related IPs
    • Related domains
    • Related malware samples


  • Cyber Threat Intelligence relating to malware artifacts
  • C2 infrastructure identification
  • IOC correlation
  • IDS to malware hash relationships
  • Campaign date correlations


  • MSSP Teams
  • SOC Teams
  • Cyber Threat Intelligence