Lego Bricks Colorful

OSINT Challenges & Opportunities, Methodology on starting your Hunt.

By Daniel Clemens / April 3, 2019

Every investigation is different, but what never changes is how you have to treat an investigation much like the challenge of building something with a bucket of Legos. With each…


Investigator Methodology | Strategic & Tactical Vs. a Hopeful Change

By Daniel Clemens / August 31, 2018

If the world has a plethora of investigators and the success of prosecutors is hovering around 90% success rate  — why do we struggle with an increase in more complex…

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The Real Jack Ryan is Bringing His Supranormal Skills to the Fight Against Human Trafficking

By Daniel Clemens / August 30, 2018

Millions love the character Jack Ryan from Tom Clancy’s bestselling 18-book series (and a new TV show on Amazon!), but not as many folks know that there is a real,…

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