PR: Italy’s Soft Strategy & ShadowDragon Partner providing Investigative training & advanced investigative capabilities.

By Daniel Clemens / June 22, 2020

Rome, Italy JUNE 22, 2020 – SoftStrategy and ShadowDragon partner together to provide advanced investigative training. As the world has become more sophisticated, many businesses have needed to adapt to…

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DataWalk And ShadowDragon Team To Enhance Investigative Capabilities

By Daniel Clemens / May 16, 2019

Redwood City, California – May 16, 2019 DataWalk and ShadowDragon have formed a strategic technical alliance to facilitate more complete and detailed investigations incorporating open source monitoring and scalable collection…

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ShadowDragon Launches ConvertIt Tool

By Daniel Clemens / December 17, 2018

Shadow Dragon has created an automated document conversion tool that expands analysts’ capabilities, speeds analysis and investigations, and making the electronic transmission of files between environments of varying classification levels more…

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Kaseware Integrates ShadowDragon’s SocialNet Forensics Tool into Case Management Investigative Platform

By Daniel Clemens / August 8, 2018

Cheyenne, Wyoming and Denver, Colorado With more than 3.1 billion people across the globe actively using Social Media, it is no surprise that criminals utilize it and can be tracked…

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ALTEN Calsoft Labs Joins ShadowDragon and Cloudly to Build Cybersecurity Practices

By Daniel Clemens / July 6, 2018

BANGALORE, India ALTEN Calsoft Labs, a next-generation digital transformation company, rolls out a plan to Prevent Cyber Attacks and Minimize Damage by leveraging ShadowDragon’s cyber intelligence product suite of MalNet,…

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ShadowDragon Significantly Enhances its Visibility and Forensic Capture Capabilities for Open and Closed Source Threat Intelligence

By Daniel Clemens / May 15, 2018

ShadowDragon, a U.S.-based cyber threat intelligence solutions company, has enhanced its OIMonitor product to include secure and customizable monitoring of forums, open, closed source, TOR and DarkNet, as well as…

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ShadowDragon Announces that SocialNet is Now Available Through Phantom Platform

By Daniel Clemens / March 14, 2018

United States – ShadowDragon, a U.S.-based cyber threat intelligence solutions company, today announced that its SocialNet App is the first Social Media Forensics & OSINT mapping app available on the…

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ShadowDragon Gains New Distribution Partner to Support Businesses in the Fight Against Cybercrime

By Daniel Clemens / December 1, 2017

Cheyenne, Wyoming – ShadowDragon, a U.S.-based cyber threat intelligence solutions company, has entered into a distribution agreement with GuidePoint Security LLC, a Virginia-based technology solutions company that recently was included…

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ShadowDragon named to CIOReview’s 20 Most Promising Enterprise Security Solution Providers 2017

By Daniel Clemens / September 5, 2017

Cheyenne, Wyoming – ShadowDragon makes it to the list of 20 Most Promising Enterprise Security Solution Providers 2017 by CIOReview. CIOReview is a technology magazine with a mission to guide organizations through…

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ShadowDragon and DeliverFund Partner to Catch Human Traffickers

By Daniel Clemens / December 16, 2016

Cheyenne, Wyoming – December 15, 2016 ShadowDragon, a company that develops specialized digital investigations technology, and DeliverFund, a nonprofit dedicated to disrupting sex trafficking markets are actively partnering to track…

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ShadowDragon Announces Partnership with Proofpoint

By Daniel Clemens / March 8, 2016

Cheyenne, Wyoming – March 8, 2016 ShadowDragon, a U.S.-based cyber threat intelligence solutions company, has entered into a partnership with Proofpoint, a leading next-generation cybersecurity company, to develop ShadowDragon MalNet.…

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Packet Ninjas Formally Announces the Formation of ShadowDragon

By Daniel Clemens / February 16, 2016

Cheyenne, Wyoming – February 16, 2016 Packet Ninjas, a niche cyber security consulting and services company, today announced the formation of a sister company named ShadowDragon. ShadowDragon will license specialized…

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