The latest version of Maltego "M4" from Paterva, was released earlier this morning.

Being the first commercial transform providers since Maltego had been launched, we had been playing with this for a few weeks. We have enjoyed every minute of testing our transforms, looking at larger datasets and the like.

Below are a few screenshots of our flagship product SocialNet, integrated with the new Maltego M4 release. If you haven’t seen the video from Maltego, please go check it out now.

Email Correlations

Acquiring Deeper Information

Mapping Deeper Relationships

Identifying Core Locations

Visualizing Deeper Connections

Contact the staff at ShadowDragon for your demo copy of the latest SocialNet transforms. SocialNet Maps social media connections with data from 60+ social networks using 800+ transforms (actions). Query by email address, aliases, and names to visualize 1 to 1 correlations, multiple relationships and networks into the 1000s of records. Even search by phone. We offer three different pricing models. GSA purchases now available.



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