On the eve of Paterva releasing the long awaited Maltego 4 M4, ShadowDragon has released a variety of fun case files and screenshots used in mapping out the infamous Breaking Bad conspiracies of old.

Our first artifact, begins with the email address rumored to be used by Jesse Pinkman, pivoting on one to one correlations between his favorite social media provider and others, we find his wish list, and a few friend connections.

The second perspective in the requests for Mr. Pinkerman’s friends and associates shows some interesting characters. Skinny Pete, Brandon “Badger” Mayhew and an associate by the name of Saul Goodman. *Special notes from analyst, show Mr. Goodman, may be using an alias.

As the investigation narrows, singling out Gretchen Schwartz as a primary connection between Walter White and many others. Please contact us for the original case file. To protect the innocent and those that have not finished their binge viewing, we have protected the concluding puzzle piece.

Simple proof that OSINT, does in fact help solve very complex conspiracies all around the world.

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