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ShadowDragon Launches ConvertIt Tool

By Daniel Clemens / December 17, 2018

Shadow Dragon has created an automated document conversion tool that expands analysts’ capabilities, speeds analysis and investigations, and making the electronic transmission of files between environments of varying classification levels more…

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Hype and the Deep Dark Web

By Daniel Clemens / September 25, 2018

I had previously written about how we started with our our monitoring platform and how that grew into the beast it is today.  I didn’t leave much room to frame…

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DEF CON 26 Intel CTF Results! Congratulations to the DEF CON iCTF Winners

By Daniel Clemens / September 11, 2018

DEF CON 26, Intel CTF (iCTF) had more participants than any other capture the flag challenge. With over 100 teams showing up, a select few escalated to the top of…


Paying It Forward at Crimes Against Children Conference (CACC)

By Daniel Clemens / September 6, 2018

This was my second year attending the Crimes Against Children Conference (CACC) in Dallas.  CACC draws a crowd proficient in the art of finding the bad guys and protecting the…


Investigator Methodology | Strategic & Tactical Vs. a Hopeful Change

By Daniel Clemens / August 31, 2018

If the world has a plethora of investigators and the success of prosecutors is hovering around 90% success rate  — why do we struggle with an increase in more complex…

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The Real Jack Ryan is Bringing His Supranormal Skills to the Fight Against Human Trafficking

By Daniel Clemens / August 30, 2018

Millions love the character Jack Ryan from Tom Clancy’s bestselling 18-book series (and a new TV show on Amazon!), but not as many folks know that there is a real,…

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Kaseware Integrates ShadowDragon’s SocialNet Forensics Tool into Case Management Investigative Platform

By Daniel Clemens / August 8, 2018

Cheyenne, Wyoming and Denver, Colorado With more than 3.1 billion people across the globe actively using Social Media, it is no surprise that criminals utilize it and can be tracked…

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Link Analysis Presentation No Nos and How Long Should I Deep Dive?

By Daniel Clemens / August 3, 2018

In “Understanding Link Analysis and Using it Investigations,” I detailed how to get started and some fundamentals on link analysis. What I didn’t cover was how long you should be involved…

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Intelligence Capture the Flag (iCTF) Contest at Def Con 

By Daniel Clemens / July 27, 2018

ShadowDragon is proud to be a co-sponsor of the Mission III Advanced iCTF Contest at Defcon 2018. iCTF has crafted a compelling and challenging scenario! Participating is a great way…

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ALTEN Calsoft Labs Joins ShadowDragon and Cloudly to Build Cybersecurity Practices

By Daniel Clemens / July 6, 2018

BANGALORE, India ALTEN Calsoft Labs, a next-generation digital transformation company, rolls out a plan to Prevent Cyber Attacks and Minimize Damage by leveraging ShadowDragon’s cyber intelligence product suite of MalNet,…


Understanding Link Analysis and Using it in Investigations

By Daniel Clemens / June 21, 2018

I started using link analysis for investigations somewhere around 2009/2010 when we were developing the first version of SocialNet.  A longtime friend, Roelof from Paterva, shared his vision for a…

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Patchwork APT Group – Additional IOCs & Network Indicators

By Daniel Clemens / June 8, 2018

Yesterday, Matthew Meltzer, Sean Koessel, and Steven Adair @ Volexity released an excellent write-up on the Indian APT group known as Dropping Elephant.   The Volexity article detailed attacks against US think…

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